It is the Mediterranean park par excellence, called “the park of the beech and the coral” because it includes all the ecosystems. It’s the triumph of nature bearing the traces of all the civilizations who appeared on these lands and on this sea, from the Stone Age to the settlements of Paestum and Velia to the medieval settlements of San Severino di Centola up to the breath-taking Certosa di Padula.
A landscape full of wonders stretching from the canyons engraved by the river Calore into the rocks covered with willows brushing the water, to the amazing shapes of the Castelcivita caverns, to the irregular coast and its rare beaches where you can find freshwater by digging. Furthermore, the Mediterranean scrub with the arbutus’ white flowers and red fruits, the yellow brooms, the purple orchids, the splendid Primula palinuri, discovered in 1767, a protected species, at risk of extinction, which today is the symbol of the Park. Centuries-old olive trees, with their majestic wrinkled trunks, and the Aleppo pine trees, the vegetation of dunes, the clear waters of rivers, are the pearls of a land to discover little by little. An unforgettable land.